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We capture and display the most intersting an up to date products we consider to be ideal for gifts for family and friends. These will mainly be new, but, where the appeal is still there, we will give the latest review.

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There's always exciting news about how Ionic Breeze® air purifiers have improved the lives of so many people. ACNielsen — the world's leading market research company — recently conducted a nationwide survey for owners of room air purifiers and here are the highlights of their findings: Top models air for removing dust are 20 times more effective than teh cheaper varieties. Expect to pay over £99 and maybe as much as £500. Do not be put off by having to spend as much as £200 to be really sure you are getting something up to the task. After all, its your health at stake.

For extra special and branded gifts you have teddy bears a perennial favourite over Christmas. What are charlie bears?

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